My name is Roger Bedingfield and I am running for State Delegate in district 46.

I want to be your State Delegate because our current district representatives have pushed our state to the edge of the fiscal cliff with reckless abandon and it must be stopped.

They no longer represent us; they represent their party and their special interest groups while ignoring the very people they are supposed to represent.  It is sad when you cannot get a straight answer from your representative on almost any subject and they must be made to understand who they actually represent.

Maryland has seen thousands of business move out of state, or close their doors altogether. In addition to that, we have seen a net loss in residents for the same reason.

A major change in direction must take place before we end up mired in debt while taxing and regulating the private sector into extinction, just like California.

Maryland’s state motto “The Free State” no longer holds true. Let us change that, vote for me. Roger Bedingfield.